hi guys, just looking for verification on this, as i don't think there's any
way to do it....

Basically, i want to return the results for a search, but only return the
first 20 results from the start number given....
LIMIT $start, 20
BUT... i'd like to have a page 1-whatever so if there are 65 results in
total, then the first 20 will be shown, but there will be options to move to
pages 2,3 or 4.
Obviously, if i use LIMIT, then it won't know that there are 65 in total, so
how would i get around this? do i just have to do the full query, and then
only use the first 20 results in the results set?
just becomes a bit of a problem if there are, say, 8000 results returned!
would it just be best to return the first 200 using LIMIT, and do my pages
for those, with a note that there are more than 200 results, and to refine
the search criteria?

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