I have quite a weird problem. When I use ereg or ereg_replace
I get a REG_BADRPT warning, like so : 

Warning: REG_BADRPT in /var/www/html/mag/search.php on line 35
Warning: REG_BADRPT in /var/www/html/mag/search.php on line 36

The offending lines are

if(ereg("*",$search_name)) { ereg_replace("*","%",$search_name); }
if(ereg("?",$search_name)) { ereg_replace("?","_",$search_name); }

but just two lines above them I have

if(ereg("*",$search_id)) { ereg_replace("*","%",$search_id); }
if(ereg("?",$search_id)) { ereg_replace("?","_",$search_id); }

and two similar lines of code below them, yet PHP doesn't complain 
about them. Anyone have any ideas as to what's causing the warning?


Markus Lervik
Linux-administrator with a kungfoo grip
Vaasa City Library - Regional Library
+358-6-325 3589 / +358-40-832 6709

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