I have been trying for months now (on and off) to get mail() working in 
OS X. I have trid various things, but this is my current setup. If you 
have any suggestions or if you could put me in the right direction, then 
I would be glad.

- I am using PHP v4.0.6 on Mac OS X 10.1 (pre-compiled with cool options 
from entropy.ch)
- I installed Communigate Pro (a mail server -- and this works when I 
use it in Mail.app)
- I don't want to use sendmail, I want to use the mail server I have 
already installed.
- I have these two lines in my php.ini

SMTP = ifunk.dyndns.org
sendmail_from = [EMAIL PROTECTED]

my sendmail_path is still the same as default... but I was just thinking 
that PHP would use my smtp server....(ifunk.dyndns.org)

Can someone slap me in the face if I'm misunderstanding something, or 
help me if you can.


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