On Wednesday 16 January 2002 03:32, Kevin Ruiz wrote:

This isn't a db related question!

> I'm writing a page that allows me to add users to a table.  Once the users
> are in the table they will be able to gain access to our downloads section,
> they will be validated against their user/pass in a mysql database.
> Here's my question.  I understand how to send mail using mail().  I also
> understand how to send mail in an html format which is what I'd prefer to
> do but what I'm having trouble with is passing my variables to the email
> being generated in the html format.  This works fine in the plain text
> emails but can't seem to get it to work in the html emails.
> Here's my situation...once a new user is added to the database an email is
> generated with their user/pass.  The code I am using to send them the email
> is this:
> ================================================================
> //mails the new account holder his/her username and pass
>    //for testing purposes I'm sending all mail to myself
>      /* recipients */
>     $to  = "Kevin Ruiz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>";
>     /* subject */
>     $subject = "Access to downloads section at Worktiviti.com";
>     /* message */
>     $message = '

You're using single quotes to define the $message string thus no variable 
expansion takes place. I suggest breaking up the assignment into several 
chunks, for example:

 $message = 'Hello ' . $name . ', how are you';

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