so what's the problem? : )

you should have a link like this:

<a href="results.php?criteria=<?php echo $critera ?>&max_results=<?php echo
$max_results ?>"> the link </a>

now you'll be able to do your query at the results.php script using those


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Subject: [PHP-DB] index page

I'm trying to create a page like the following:

A      B     C     D .......
a1    b1    c1    d1 ........
a2    b2    c2    c3 ........

You know the kind of pages I'm talking about. I need to grab the first
letter of each entry and then limit them to the last 5 entry's by date( I
know how to do the limit ), but then the first letter has to be a hyper link
to a page that list all of that letter.

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