For a command line interface, you can use either putty or TerraTermSSH. I 
prefer the former and it's available at . The latter is more 

For a Windows-like interface, through a browser, there is phpMyAdmin, and 
others, but I've never used them. Those who have seeem to favour phpMyAdmin.

Generally if my query isn't working in a script I need the mysql console to 
test it. Thus it's either login using putty, if the server's remote, or 
roll the chair across to the other desk.

Hope this helps - Miles Thompson

At 11:48 AM 1/16/2002 +0000, Jerry wrote:
>I have mySQL on LINUX
>Does anybody knows a windows software to manage mySQL through win2k
>(TCP/IP - Intranet) ?
>With mySQL on win2k, you can manage it using a windows interface. I'm
>looking for the same kind of interface to manage mySQL on a Linux platform
>from win2k.
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