Hi again!

I have a MySQL table named ratings. It has 5 fields in
it like this:
ID, name, deposit, days, hands

The table has 10 rows in it with assorted data in each

Here is what I would like to to:

1. Display all 10 rows of data on the page in a table
with the fields deposit, days and hands in form input
boxes so the numbers inside can be edited.
2. After all the numbers are updated and the user hits
submit, I would like to have the database updated with
all the data entered for all rows.

Doing this type of thing for a single record at a time
is a no brainer. But, when it comes to doing it for
multiple entries at a single time, I am a bit stumped.

Here are my questions:
- What do I name the form fields?
- Upon processing, how do I ensure it writes the
proper data to the proper record?

Thanks for your help!


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