Mike wrote:

Hi Mike

>I have the following code:
>while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
> echo "<tr><td>".$row[0]."</td>\n";
> echo "<td>".$row[1]."</td>\n";
> $formatted=sprintf("$%s",$row[2]);
> echo "<td>" $formatted " </td></tr><br>";
>I get an error in the last line where I want to put $formatted into the last
>cell of a table
>if I  // echo $formatted without the HTML tags it puts it at the top of the
Ok Well have you checked thant you have a <table> at top and </table> at 
bottom of the code you've send us ?

>The error is : Parse error: parse error, expecting `','' or `';''
Ok. I think it's cause you missed the . or , before and after $formatted.
Like at the second line : "blablabla".$something."blablabla";
It's for echoing the text, then the value of the variable, then text agin.
It works with both . and ,
Try to do : echo "<td>",$formatted,'</td></tr><br>";

>also: what does the "\n"  mean at the end of the html tags?
It's to break a line *in the source code* created by php (try to look 
the source of the page by your browser and see the diffrence)

>I am new to PHP and have no seen that before.
It's juste to produce "nice looking" source html code.

De rien ;o)
Tell us how it works ;-)

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