Addslashes on insert, stripslashes on output.


At 11:26 AM 1/18/2002 -0600, Faye Keesic wrote:
>Hi there..
>Just wondered why some of my db fields are getting chopped wherever an
>occurrence of a quote (") is.
>I used the stripslashes() function before saving them.  would this be why?
>Do quotes need slashes in front of them when stored/being written in the db?
>Maybe I should use stripslashes only when I am outputting the fields to the
>web pages....
>Note: I started to use stripslashes because I was getting many slashes in
>front of any quotes....  the number of slashes doubled each time the form
>was previewed...
>Faye Keesic
>Computer Programmer Analyst/Web Page Design
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