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- and (please) code should be readable!

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  From: Barry Rumsey 
  Sent: 21 January 2002 17:54
  Subject: [PHP-DB] theme header query

        I'm trying toadd thefollowing codeto atheme:

        ."<td class=topmenu width='73' height='19' bgcolor='#ffffff'>\n"

        ."$sqlhostname = "localhost"; $login = "xxxx"; $password = "xxxx"; $base = 
"xplyrics"; $db_connect = mysql_connect($sqlhostname,$login,$password); 
$base_selection = mysql_select_db($base,$db_connect);$query = "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM 
xp_topics WHERE artist='artist' ORDER BY topicid DESC LIMIT 1"; $numartist = 
mysql_query($query) or die("Select Failed!"); $numartist = 
mysql_fetch_array($numartist); <b>Total Artists:</b> $numartist[0]<br>; </td>\n"

        But when I try and load that page it comes back blank. Am I missing something 
or it just wont work.

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