I am trying to figure a simple way of creating a
script for a news site to recommend articles that are
similar [i.e. about the same company]

Two examples are:
  (See the "Linked Articles")

and Amazon's "Customers who bought this book also
bought:" feature

I think it would work something like this 

keyword_id | keywords

url_id | url | url_title

id | keyword_id | url_id

this would be your basic search engine - for example
you could look up a keyword in table 1 using that
keyword_id get the url_id's that correspond and then
get the url's and titles for display.

I guess that the "similar srticles" feature would work
the same way by taking the current url_id lookup the
corresponding keyword_id's use those to query for
url_id's that match those keywords and then grab the
url and title for display.

Confused? I am :)

This seems like it would work, but seems too
intensive... Maybe a different table structure which
contains url_id | similar_url would be better?
then you could look up the current url_id for url_id's
of similar articles?

Thanks for your help.


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