Hello -

I appreciate any help that others are able to give on this. I'm
running the following development environment -

- NTWS 4, SP6
- Apache 1.3.22
- PHP 4.1.1
- Interbase 6 (have tried both Borland and Firebird builds)

phpinfo() shows that the interbase module (build is

Whenever I try a script that connects using the Interbase dll I
receive the following message -

"OleMainThreadWindName: php.exe. Application error

The instruction at "0x77f6754b" referenced memory at "0x010b1e18". The
memory could not be "read".

Is this a known problem on NTWS 4? A similar setup on a Windows 98 PC
works just fine. Our is there some needed setting that I am unware of?

Guy Boanas

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