so for all who care:
I will begin pearifying Metabase starting next week.
Obviously this will take a fair amount of time. Also I am fairly busy
with work so any help is greatly appreciated.

This is also my first stab at reworking such a huge amount of code that
was originally written by someone else. I am quite optimistic that it
will work out though (with the megabytes of code my companies framework
fills sometimes that code feels alien too :-)  ) and I am allready quite
aqainted with the Metabase code. I am not very experienced with PEAR DB
code though so it is very important for people to tell me what features
are missing from Metabase that are included in PEAR now. I also would
like to hear where people think the issues will be (and possibly how to
solve them).

Aside from the fact that the Metabase class is not derived from the PEAR
core class there are a couple of things, like being able to retrieve and
associative array from a result set, missing from Metabase.

The goal is to have a DB abstraction layer based on Metabase with a PEAR
DB API. The outcome will be compatible with both Metabase and PEAR DB
where necessary through a wrapper class.

I also would like to hear if anyone uses Metabase with using the API in
metabase_interface.php .. if there are not many people using it then all
then I can safely modify the method names and parameters orders in the
new DB class and make the same changes to metabase_interface.php.

I guess after getting a good idea where the problem zones are and not
what features are missing I will first attempt to get a pearified
version of Metabase along with the MySQL driver working.

I will first focus on the functional aspects, then step by step making
the necessary changes to make that final code compliant to the PEAR
coding standard.

FYI: there has been a lot of discussion about this project in the last
couple months (especially december irrc) on the pear-dev mailinglist. So
some questions might allready be answered there.

Best regards,
Lukas Smith
 DybNet Internet Solutions GbR
 Alt Moabit 89
 10559 Berlin
 Tel. : +49 30 83 22 50 00
 Fax : +49 30 83 22 50 07
 www.dybnet.de [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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