and as they say "if we haven't got it in stock, we'll get it in for you..."

At Newmarket one of the staff is reasonably 'up' on computer books - the others tend 
to take deep breaths and roll their eyes. Just in case, the ISBN is 0-672-31784-2 (but 
that may have changed if a new edition has been published).


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  From: Barry Rumsey 
  Sent: 23 January 2002 18:31
  Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] Books and what nots

        No haven't tried Amazon because I haven't got a credit card, used to ,but it 
got me into a lot of trouble. No I'll head down to tech books in a couple of of hours 
when they open.

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        From: DL Neil
        Date: Thursday, 24 January 2002 7:23:17 a.
        To: Barry Rumsey
        Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] Books and what nots

        You can't buy a decent computer book for less than NZD100!
        That's a fair price against what I paid.
        The USD price looks even worse. 
        Tried Amazon etc?

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