Re the PLS. Nope, replies to private email are contrary to spirit of the list.

Storing inages in a database is not a good practice. Fetches are slow and 
the database becomes incredibly bloated. Most people store the images on 
disk and a reference to their location in the database and have found this 
faster and more reliable.

Regards - Miles Thompson

At 10:16 AM 1/24/2002 +0100, K wrote:
>I would like to create database with many pictures.
>I have problem with inserting pictures to table in MySQL. I created table 
>where one of the name of column is "image". The type of this column is 
>LONGBLOB. How can I insert picture into this column? I tried insert a file 
>(e.g. picture.jpg) to column "image" but I received so strange chars 
>during selecting table.
>Best regards
>PLS. Send me more info on my private e-mail.

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