Could you please explain (define) in one sentence(paragraph) what end 
result you want. It might be possible to handle it in one SQL statement.

Miles Thompson

At 09:54 AM 1/30/2002 +1100, Garry Optland wrote:
>On Wed, 30 Jan 2002, DL Neil wrote:
> >
> > Can I request some db-speak please? You already have a tbl (or more).
> > So let's start by asking for the table definitions
>The table definition is as follows:
>CREATE TABLE breeding (
>   paired DATE,
>   split DATE,
>   num_offspring TINYINT(1) ZEROFILL,
>   PRIMARY KEY (rec)
> >
> > Do you already have some SQL as a 'first attempt'? Could you also post
> > that, together with a note about its short-comings/what needs to be
> > added? That would also assist (my, feeble) comprehension.
>First, we define if a pair was breeding for a given date by seeing if that
>date lies between the paired date and the split date. In mysql:
>SELECT FROM breeding WHERE TO_DAYS(paired) <= TO_DAYS('$given_date') AND
>TO_DAYS('$given_date') <= TO_DAYS(split);
>Where it gets messy is this has to be put into a loop, between the given
>start and end dates (year and month only). For each day in the loop, I
>have to do a query and count the number returned to php. Then average that
>figure for the month.
>Normally start and end dates would be input via a form.
>I was wondering if anyone had done that sort of thing, or whether there
>was a more efficient way of doing it than stepping through the database
>one day at a time.
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