I have a windows 2000 Database Server with IBM DB2 V7.2 on it.
I have a Web Server with Linux-Apache-PHP 4 on it (but not XWindow or any
graphical interface...).

On the web server, I want to run a PHP page to connect to the IBM DB2
Database on the win2k server.

1.> Do I need to install DB2 Client / DB2 Administration Client / DB2
Development Client on the Linux server ? I currently only installed DB2

2.> After compiling PHP with option --with-ibm-db2=/usr/IBMdb2/V7.1 (I know
it's V7.2, but my colleague who did the install believed it was 7.1), can
use the PHP command odbc_connect ? When I tried I received the error: "Fatal
error: Call to undefined function: odbc_connect()"...

3.> I didn't have any directory sqllib (like on windows platform) after IBM
DB2 Client installation, is it normal ?

3.> Do I need to install another software like iODBC ?



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