I used to store SQL code for a transaction 
directly in the PHP script which used it.  It was 
stored as a string.  However, now I want to store 
it in the database and assign it to the same 
string that held it before.  Not very clear, so 
heres an example :


$sql_variable = "select whatever from table";


$sql_variable = getSQL("whatever");

However, because the SQL contains variables which 
were filled at run time, it does not parse the 
variables when it assigns the string to the 
variable name.  So I get errors because when the 
SQL runs on the database it runs as :

select * from $table_name, 

rather than

select * from whatever

Hope I have explained this OK.  Are there any 
solutions?  For example, force it to parse a 
string for variables and assign their values 

Thanks in advance


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