I am working on a rideboard and I am trying to figure out how to take information from 
a mysql database and place it in the e-mail I am trying to send out.

Basically I want the e-mail to look similar to this:

Name:  John Doe
Phone: 555-5555
State: New York

and so on.  

Anyway the mail function in my php script looks as follows:

mail("$emailwanted","$SubjectWanted","$BodyWanted","From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]");

The $emailwanted is the address to where I am sending the e-mail.
The $SubjectWanted is the subject of the e-mail.
The $BodyWanted is the body and this is where I want to insert the information from 
the database in the format described above.  I know how to get information from the 
database and print it out though I want $BodyWanted contain the information as above.  
Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks for the help.

David Sugar

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