Since you gave no real details of your table structure, I'll conjecture.
Assume city table and advert table is defined as:

city_id int not null, auto_increment,
city_name varchar(50) default ""

CREATE TABLE adverts (
ad_id int not null auto_increment,
ad_text varchar(200) default "",
city_id int not null

SELECT c.city_name, a.ad_text FROM adverts a LEFT JOIN city c using(city_id)
ORDER BY city;

This will list every advert.  Where an advert has no city. the city_name
will display as NULL.

To find cities with no adverts:
SELECT c.city_name, a.ad_text FROM city c LEFT JOIN adverts a using(city_id)
ORDER BY city;

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Subject: [PHP-DB] query from two tables


The situation: I have 2 tables in an adverising site. In one table, i have
the cities used by advertisers, and in the other there are the ads.This ad
table has a field which refers to the id of the city in that table.

The problem: what mysql method should i use if i want to order the query
by cities? I have tried multiple selection like select ads.*, cities.*
from ads, cities  , but it returns a nonsense.
Any help would be appreciated

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