I have been successfully able to upload the files to the server and its path
stored in the database..

Now I have two small issues...

1.  How would I automate the file naming otherwise errors will fly (can't
copy file... blah blah)

2.  The second part is the most annoying.  It seems that I cannot get the
script to put the files into a directory I specify only where the script
resides.  I thought it was a permission issue, but the folder has been chmod
to 777 and it still won't do it...

Directory structure

        recruiter < --- folder where the scripts reside
            resumes <--  the destination where I want the uploaded files to

here is the code...


// if $img_name isn't empty, try to copy the file
if ($img1_name != "") {

 // copy the file to a directory or
 //die and print an error message

 // NOTE! if you're on a Windows machine,
 // use Windows pathnames, like so:
 // copy("$img1", "C:\\some\\directory\\path\\$img1_name");

  or die("Couldn't copy the file!");

} else {

 // if $img_name was empty, die and let us know why
 die("No input file specified");




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