Hi Raymond,

> I have this tricky case, at lest for me : )
> I'm trying to get some data out of two tables and listing the data in a
> product/price site. But..... :
> I have one table with productinfo and one with prices.
> And it is several columns with the same id in the pricetable, because every
> product have several sizes.
> So... how do I get only one row from the "product table" and two rows from
> the "price table" in one line in a page?
> Is it possible?

No, not as such.

Code one query to do the join and SELECT the data, grouped and ordered by (say) 
ProdCode and within that

Then use PHP to cycle (outer loop) though each product (group), continuing the 
'output' across the line when
consecutive records are for the same ProdCode (but not re-displaying the ProductInfo 


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