Hi Everyone,

I want to first thank you for helping with the last question I had. It
didn't help but I finally figured it out. This one though has me stumped.

I have started using a portal script thinking I might be able to see a
little better how php works. It will do fine for me as far as my site will
go. But here is the problem. I want to tell a user how many days they have
left until a certain thing happens. The portal is phpwebthings so if anyone
is familiar with it...

The problem is I can't figure out how to get the username from the database
here is the code I am trying to make work.

$db["days"]=("UPDATE wt_users set days = days - 1 where uid=$uid");

$query="select name, days from wt_users where uid=$uid";
$ret = mysql_query($query);
while(list($name, $days) = mysql_fetch_row($ret))

print("$name you have $days days to complete your questionnaire");

I can't get it to work unless I specify a specific user. Like $query="select
name, days from wt_users where uid=1";

How do I pull the user from the session? Also when I do specify a user and
refresh the page it updates the count down how do I get it to only update
a day.

Any help would be appreciated!
Jennifer Downey

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