I have set up a php form that allows me to fill in the information and then
it e-mails the information to the specified e-mail address. On the second
step the informatioin is poseted to the screen so I can see exactly what the
e-mail is going to look like.  The problem I am having is that the content
within the e-mail is getting double spaced.  I thought I had this fiqured
out when I sent it to a dirrerent e-mail address and it appeard to be fine
with no double spacing.  So my conclusiion was that it must be how it is
getting parsed.  Now all of the sudden it is double spacing only the bottom
half of the e-mail with the top o.k... Thoughts..Ideas...Suggestions??

I have three pages in my program
these are..

generalForm.html - Form to be filled in.
emailBody.html - the file that contains all the verbage with varibles that
are filled in with the forms submissioin values.
createEmail.php - This file first posts the e-mail to the screen with a
submit button that allows you to send the e-mail if everything appears to be

Thx  Troy

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