Hi there. You bet you can have relationships between tables! You accomplish
this by setting primary keys and foreign keys when you create you tables.
When you assign a unique identifier to a table not only do you assign a name
such as "employeeid" for example, you also have to set it as the primary
key. Here's a link to the mysql website:
http://www.mysql.com/doc/C/R/CREATE_TABLE.html  Notice the primary option
beside the auto_increment option, you'll no doubt need to use that as well
to ensure you create the proper relationships between entities.

Hope this helps you out,  Joe:)

raf Al Shafaki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> In databases, after creating a number of tables, one could usually set
> relationships (or some call it relations) between these tables, by tying
> some reference number in one table with the id (or index) in another table
> for example, or just making any other kinds of relationships between
> for any other reason.
> I used to do relationships between tables when I used Microsoft Access. My
> question is: Does MySQL enable you to create relationships between tables
> after you create the tables? If so, how (what are the commands from the
> command prompt?)
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