I know I could very easily do this after doing the
initial database call simply by calculating the two
variables, but, I was wondering if there was a way to
do this during the sql statement so my results would
already have my answer... 

Here's the setup. I have two tables. Table A has the
information about a mailing. Table B has an individual
record for each click generated by the e-mail.

They look like this:

ID           // unique identifier
mail_qty     // shows how many mails were sent

ID           // unique identifier
mail_ID      // matches up with the ID in Table A
mem_ID       // the member's unique code

Here is what I thought was going to work (but didn't):

SELECT mail_date, mail_qty, count(*) as clicks,
((clicks / mail_qty)*100) as percentage FROM TableA,
TableB WHERE mail_ID = TableA.ID GROUP BY mail_ID

What I was hoping to get back was something like this:

|  mail_date   |  mail_qty  |  clicks  |  percentage |
|  2001-02-05  |  1000      |  100     |  10         |
If I need to do this the long way, it's not a huge
deal, but, I thought this may be something I could

I hope I explained that good enough. Thanks for your

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