I think this is what you're getting at:

<select name="artistID">
<option value="<?= $row["ID"] ?>"><?= $row["ArtistName"] ?></option>

or something like that.... so it would look like (in HTML)

<select name="artistID">
<option value="23">Artist's Name First in list</option>
<option value="44">Artist's Name second in list</option>
<option value="105">Artist's Name third in list</option>

if you select the first item in the list, the next page will produce:

$artistID = "23"

so yah... thats it

I know how to do the option call e.g.
This is the list of artists already in our database :
<SELECT name="artist">
<?php echo "$option_block"; ?>
But I want to do a form where they select the option then fill out rest
of form. The option above returns the artist name, but I want to insert
the artistid.

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