> I am having trouble with updating. How do I tell php to update the
> at mid night instead of every time the browser is
> refreshed? I have looked for it but can't find the info.

You would need to have your code check the time and decide whether or not to
run the query.  I can think of 2 different ways to do this.  First, you
could just build a condition in your SQL WHERE clause to check the system
time to see if it's appropriate.  This way would be a bit slower because it
would actually have to connect to mysql and execute the statement whether it
updates or not.  The other way would be to put your query in a php condition
block and use the php date function.

> Also I thought session ID's were different between users. Is this true?

Yes, this is true.  If it were not then you would have users with the same
session which would be amusing.  A session ID is unique though eventually it
will be reused I believe.

Hope that helps.

Jason Cox

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