Looks like your missing your FROM portion of your query.  That's pretty

Also, how do you know when a post is new?  Are you just assuming that if the
database returns it with your LIMIT condition that it comes off the top of
the list and is new?  I don't think that's too reliable.  You should add a
timestamp field to the post table so you can tell which posts are the
newest.  You could then do something like this:

SELECT topics.topic_title FROM topics WHERE topics.topic_id IN (
    SELECT DISTINCT posts.topic_id FROM posts ORDER BY LIMIT 10);

Something like that would work.

Good Luck,
Jason Cox

> I'll give you all the short version of what I need and if it is enough for
> you to help that would be great. I need to pull the last 10 updated topics
> from a table and output them. However, the posts table lists each post and
> then has a topic id. There is also a table of topics with topic id, title,
> etc. I cannot just pull the last 10 posts in the post table because those
> posts could all be for the same topic and I'm trying to output the last 10
> updated topics (not posts). How can I do this? I can't find anything on
> subject. This is what I tried as a random guess:
> $sql = "SELECT DISTINCT posts.topic_id, posts.forum_id,
> topics.topic_replies WHERE topics.topic_id = posts.topic_id DESC LIMIT

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