If your not really a text MySQL guy I would highly recomend PHPMyAdmin.  Its
a set of PHP scripts you can upload into its own directory and run
immediately.  It will allow you to download (through the web interface) the
entire database, and then move it to the new site (using the same tool.)
I've used quite a few My-SQL helpers and this on is by FAR the best.


I'm sure the gurus (::pays hommage::) could give you a plethora of ways to
do this, but if your just switching servers and one of the machines has PHP
your good to go with this.


PS:  I use this utility to run daily backups.

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> Hello all,
> I am a relatively new php/mysql developer, I would like to take an entire
> mysql and copy it or strip it from the server where it resides.  Anyone
> how to do this?  Recently a previous developer had made a cgi shopping
> that I would like to take the product table from and make php shopping
> product table, but I need that data in a state where I can manipulate it.
> Copy it, change column names and so on.  The table is roughly 1000
> large.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> if you can email at mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Thanks
> Mike
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