Calm down dudes,

I just did a quick search and found this on hotscripts

It converts MS Word docs on the fly in linux and turns them into html or pdf
or text or whatever.  You'll need wv

Don't know how well it works but I say start there.

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I don't know what crawled up your ass and died or pissed in your
cheerios this morning.

I was asking for any DIRECTION to how to percieve this.  Now, I did not
crap on Open Source.  Now, why would I do that if I am using it?

Yes I am an MCSE, and I assume you have a problem with it.  That is YOUR
problem not mine.

You always seem to try to pit a Microsoft vs. Open Source war.  Why is
that, jealousy?  Little Man's disease?

Geez, whats with you types?  I mean, You think Open Source is the
ultimate solution and Bill Gates it the evil empire.  Grow up and don't
respond to my inquiries.  I don't like childish remarks from an
incompetent fool

By the way, Open Source junkies like yourself should Welcome Microsoft
people with open arms.  Isn't that what you all are trying to do, is get
people off of MS based systems and jump on the Open Source bandwagon?

Screw you too!!

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> My ultimate goal is to be able to search within a MS Word Document,
but it
> seems that is a moot point unless I take the whole application and
> it to ASP and COM+  which I know nothing about.

=as mentioned ages back in this thread: use the best tool for the job.

=new addition: don't blame the tools if you get it wrong.

> Plus, the client's requirements are vague to say the least.  They have
> atitude, "Build something along these lines and we will see what you
come up
> with and we will go from there."  That isn't what I had in mind.  But
I know
> the ability to search within a Word document is a key factor.  That is
> drawback of Open Source, you cannot access the Microsoft World which
80% of
> the computer users use as Office Applications and is considered a
> I know, the Open Source community doesn't like that reality, but its
> When somebody submits a resume to apply for a job, what format does a
> recuiter or employer look for?  MS Word.

=am I confusing you with someone else/another Todd - aren't you an MCP
of some description?

=the reason "the Open Source community" doesn't like the "reality", is
because of precisely the issue you have
run into! Word is a proprietary format (no matter what ASCII-format red
herrings you've been casting about). For
ANYONE to hack into Word docs to find the format parameters and thereby
reverse engineer, is contrary to
Microsoft's restrictive, proprietary approach to world domination.

=so the fact that you have not paid attention to/found (thus far) an
open source solution is most likely because
of legal strictures.

=even if this were not the case, how many people have you 'found' who
have come back saying 'yes I do that every
day and here's how I do it...'? None - otherwise you wouldn't be
regaling us with this tale of woe. Accordingly
the demand is not that great, and what might be a "key factor" to you,
seems somewhat lesser in the grand scheme
of things.

=Word is a Microsoft product. Have you been moaning on their lists
(always assuming anyone from Microsoft
actually responds/is helpful on such lists), asking where the Word-PHP
interface is? Why attack only one side of
the 'problem'? Perhaps like many others you have a perception that
Microsoft couldn't care less about what you
are trying to do? Why then make "the Open Source community" your
whipping boys (and girls)?

=among the principles of open source is the idea that when YOU come up
with a 'new' idea, YOU build an add-on
solution - and having the source code to (for example, PHP) you 'could'
do this. Again, the fact that you
(presumably) don't want to do that, is more an indictment of you and
your situation than of 'open source'. BTW I
(personal note) could not build such a solution, which means that I
won't claim any 'right' to complain about
such a 'short-coming'.

=(I cannot confirm this/comment on the degree of success/exactitude)
Various Open Systems 'Office' package
products/projects claim the ability to read or convert 'standard'
MS-Word docs - so something must be possible!
Have you looked at open systems Word-alternatives?

=To your problem:

1 has the Word index creation facility been improved lately? Will it
sufficiently identify a document's
'keywords' (or do you still have to basically do it by hand first)?
2 the tool to extend Word's native facilities is called VBA (in the
'good old days' we wrote "macros").
Accordingly why not use VBA to scan the Word doc, identify the
document's 'keywords', and then figure out which
db/how to get the keywords into your db setup?
3 a bit of background reading tells us that Word has two 'formats'. The
native .DOC and the so-called .HTML -
which is actually XML (or perhaps XHTML, ugh!). If you get the doc into
HTML/XML/whatever format, would the text
become sufficiently 'visible' to work out the keywords?

=From the lack of comments, you apparently haven't checked this out.
Stop 'spouting' and get your head down and
do some research. You have come to the list with the appearance of
demanding answers, complaining that
respondents don't give you the narrow/EXACT answer YOU (think you) want,
and then moaning that PHP (etc) doesn't
currently extend into a specific area of interest. Not the best way to
motivate others to give their time to
help you, is it?


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