you might find the library at
useful, but you should also perform similar checks server-side using PHP
since if you are that worried about malicious use of your site, people can
easily circumvent javascript validation

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// put some javascript validation form. if the value of the form cntains
// .jpg, etc. don't allow the user to go further.
// On Mon, 11 Feb 2002, CrossWalkCentral wrote:
// > How can I help protect people form modifying a form that 
// submits data to php file that stores the data in a database
// > 
// > for example I have a text box that ask for a first name 
// and I am getting a lot of garbage back like if they modified 
// my form and submitted a image instead.
// > 
// > I know that their is some sort of parse out their that I 
// can put in the php file that will help validate this
// > 
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