My 2 cents :

In fact Todd has also been spouting ( moaning? <g> ) on the Windows/PHP 
list too ;-)

Certainly, parsing Word docs is not necessarily a PHP-DB issue, but an 
interesting problem or hack nonetheless.
IMHO M$ have set themselves up for 'illegal' hacking of their file formats 
simply by virtue of their widespread use and insistence on not releasing 
the source for their products. But surely, this sort of stuff is worth 
considering as an exercise - if *everything* was easy there would be no 
jobs for people in the IT industry generally!

>=Word is a Microsoft product. Have you been moaning on their lists (always 
>assuming anyone from Microsoft
>actually responds/is helpful on such lists), asking where the Word-PHP 
>interface is? Why attack only one side of
>the 'problem'? Perhaps like many others you have a perception that 
>Microsoft couldn't care less about what you
>are trying to do? Why then make "the Open Source community" your whipping 
>boys (and girls)?

Hope you guys have cooled off & settled your differences. DL Neil finished 
his rather vehement <ahem - ggg> discussion of the benefits of open-source 
et al , by *providing 3 helpful suggestions* how to tackle the overriding 
problem. I think perhaps 'childish remarks' might be an appropriate 
description *IF* the remarks were meant as a personal attack, rather than 
an expression that perhaps this list is not appropriate for 
reverse-engineering discussions.

 >>I don't know what crawled up your ass and died or pissed in your
 >> cheerios this morning.
 >>Geez, whats with you types? I mean, You think Open Source is the
 >>ultimate solution and Bill Gates it the evil empire. Grow up and don't
 >>respond to my inquiries. I don't like childish remarks from an
 >>incompetent fool

Competence is in the eye of the beholder ( ducks under desk for protection ! )

I've only been on this list for a few weeks, but it's proved very helpful 
for my development, to think about solutions to other peoples problems, and 
provide help where possible. Very grateful for the input others have 
generously provided. I think though that the nature of this list is 
probably more for newbies than experienced MCP or open-source guru 
discussions, preferably for discussion of PHP and Databases - and welcome 
any flames suggesting otherwise <vbg>

Neil Smith.

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