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It sounds to me like you are blowing away name in the URL when you submit a
new form.

  ../index.php?name=My Name

Is just like clicking the submit button on a form with:
    action = ../index.php method = get

When you users use a new form the arguments to ../index.php are taken from
the form not the URL - I don't think you can say
    action = ../index.ph?name=My Name  method = get
And certainly not:
    action = ../index.ph?name=My Name  method = post

But the solution is easy - just put a hidden field "name" with the value set
to "My Name" inside of each form.

Good Luck,


> Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 05:27:57 EST
> Subject: Forms carrying values.
> Hi list, hope someone can help me here.
> I have content management system I have designed. I am still learning php so
> help here would be appreciated.
> The user logs into the system, and we carry there user name over the pages
> using a link to each page with the value of their name carried over as
> follows: ../index.php?name=<?echo("$name")?>
> This works fine for the whole site, except when a user makes changes to a
> entry. Once they submit adding a new entry or modifying an existing one, the
> value of : ../index.php?name=My Name ends up being ./index.php?name=My
> It deletes the end of the name of the url, so that when the user clicks the
> link it does not really know who they are.
> I have used a hidden field to carry the value of the name over the pages, but
> it does not work on forms.
> I hope this makes some sort of sense.
> If anyone knows of a workaround.
> Thanks
> Barry 

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