I am attempting to put together a page whereby results from a database are
displayed, and previous / next hyperlinks allow the user to "flip" through
records, one at a time. I attempted to do this by using a unique ID (that
auto increments)
and then including links like so at the bottom of the page:

print("<A HREF=\"profile.php?uid=");
echo $uid-1;
print("\">[previous] </A>");

print("<A HREF=\"profile.php?uid=");
echo $uid+1;

The problem with this, is that if there are gaps in the auto_increment id
(such as records that have been deleted), the page will (of course) show up
as blank or otherwise muck up. Similarly, once the user moves past the last
record, the same fubar will occur.

I can't be the first one who has tried to do this... can anyone offer some
suggestions as to how to go about this more cleanly and efficiently?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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