Funnily enough, I had to do something similar last week...

Command line utility which will create a sql file to create the MySQL 

No guarantees that it works for everything, but it fulfilled my purposes...

Syntax is:

php -q odbc2mysql.php new_db output_file dsn [user] [password]

And will create a file which contains statements to set up the structure 
(creating <new_db>), and import the data.

DOESN'T bring across any indexes, or primary keys, cos I couldn't get the 
php odbc commands to work against Access. Dunno why. But you'll have to set 
those up yourself...



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I am a complete newbie at this so please excuse me if I seem stupid.

I have a guestbook on one site which was created using ASP and an Access
database. I have created a new site using the much more friendly PHP and
wish to get the data into my mysql database. Can I do this easily, and if 
can anyone point me to the required information

Alex Francis
Cameron Design
35, Drumillan Hill
Greenock PA16 0XD

Tel 01475 798106

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