Hey there...

Sometimes it is easier to store the date as a unix timestamp (seconds 
since midnight 1/1/1970) cause it allows you to format the date any way 
you want, and php has cool date and time functions which rely on a 

A time stamp example is like this:


$timestamp = time();
echo "Timestamp: " . $timestamp . "<br>Formatted date: " . 


would produce something like:

Timestamp: 1013605509
Formatted date: 13/02/2002

and then you can store the value of $timestamp in a database and 
calculate the formatted string later...


> Hi there,
> I would like to find out the changes on content after a members last 
> login.
> The format of the date stored in the member db is e.g.:   Feb 13, 2002
> The format of e.g pictures uploaded is:
> 2000-02-13
> How can I search for pictures which are uploaded since the members last
> login. Is ist possible to convert the memberdate format to the other 
> one and
> just search for something like picturedate > logindate?
> Thanx for any help
> Andy

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