Does anyone know how to grab only the first and last record of a query. 

I have a table named periods with two fields, period_id and period_name. The
user will select a start period and an end period from a drop down list,
assigning $start_period and $end_period variables based on the period id. If
I run this query:
        Select period_name
        from periods
        where period_id between '$start_period_id' and '$end_period_id'
        order by period_id

An array is returned which could include one or more records, depending upon
the user selection. I would like to grab the first and last record in the
array so that the final result would be to echo something like "This report
is from $start_period through $end_period".

Hope that makes sense ...

Thanks in advance for any help. 

Randy Rankin

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