Hi, I have read several posting on How to display a graphical BLOB but all
of them show how to display only one image. I need to display all the images
found in the query including some descriptions for that images.
 I tried the following but of course only one image appeared.
  header("Content-type: image/jpeg");
  $table1 = 'myBLOB';
  $db_user = 'SYSDBA';
  $db_pass = 'masterkey';
  $host = 'd:/Program Files/Borland/InterBase/bin/Test.gdb';
  $query1 = "SELECT * FROM $table1 WHERE ID<100 ORDER BY ID";
  $query2 = "INSERT INTO $table1 (ID,Pic) VALUES (4,?)";
  $connHndl = ibase_connect($host,$db_user,$db_pass) or die ("Cannot
comunicate with the DataBase");

$set = ibase_query("SELECT * from $table1 where ID<100");
while($row = ibase_fetch_row($set)){

 A little source would be appreciated.

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