Hi Alvin,

> I'm new to both PHP and mySQL but have no choice but to "crash-course" on
> both before end of mid of march to complete my University project. I would
> really appreciate alittle help from any kind soul out there.
> I have already created a mySQL database and create all the tables *well at
> least all those that i think i need*. Now i am trying to connect to the
> database and test if everything was created properly and make sure i can
> connect.
> Can anyone please advise on how i should go abt it?? Thanks a million!!!

Welcome to our happy little (ever-expanding) world!

I suggest a visit to the PHP and MySQL homepages. If you look for the links and 
tutorial pages, you will find
plenty of the latter. There are a number of web articles on 'intro to MySQL and PHP' 
and 'making dynamic web
sites'. These types of tutorials cover all the basics that you're going to need to get 

Later on, another visit may even yield something about inventory systems, perhaps the 
sites offering classes
might have something handy you can pick up and apply.

If you prefer books/the Uni library: "PHP and MySQL Web Development" by Welling and 
Thomson or "MySQL" by DuBois
are good choices - both cover interfacing the two products, but there are numerous 
alternatives that others will


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