Firstly thanks to everyone who have supplied various way to implement
the issue I was having.

Unfortunately I cant seem to get any one of them to function correctly

I have included my code to see if someone can help adjusting it.

I think I am going wrong in where I am putting the count var.

You may notice I am using the var $v1list. this is so I can display the
output in suitable place on screen.

The code I have included makes my 7 selected items go straight across
the page(obviously) hence the need to
Block it of with some kind of count function.

Thank you for any help or advice

Dave C
------------CODE HERE------------------

 $viewsql = "select * from $tbn2 where catid = \"$category\" ";
 $viewres = @mysql_query($viewsql, $con) or die ("Cant get details.
Please report this to the website administrator");
 $num_rows = mysql_num_rows($viewres);
 while( $v1rows = mysql_fetch_array($viewres) ){ 
 $name2 = $v1rows[name];
 $id2 = $v1rows[catid];
 $simg = $v1rows[smallimg];
 $v1list .="<td>$name2</br><a href
=\"./viewdetails.php?pcategory=$id2&pname=$name2\"><img src=$simg


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