Hate to cheat, but have you tried phpmyadmin?  It will do a lot of that work
for you and show you the SQL statement.  I wouldn't rely on it for complex
actions, since it doesn't seem to be 100% perfect, but, it'll give you the
idea on what you should be looking towards and a starting place to look if
you run into problems.

I'd also suggest picking up an SQL book.  Knowing SQL is very important for
writing 'good' PHP / DB apps.


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Subject: [PHP-DB] Need smoe code examples on creating tables for mysql in

Need some code examples on creating tables for mysql in php

can any one help me on this . I searched the php.net site and only found
info on creating a database I just want to create a php script that will
make 2 tables with lets say 5 fields each in them.

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