I have a special set of information retrieved from a while loop that I would
like a person to be able to edit and send back into a MySQL table.

I know all of the basic MySQL commands for doing such, but the PHP side to
get the input from the form to go in is really stumping me.

This is what I have:


$or = 0;

while($or < $orderidrows) {

        $orderinfo = mysql_fetch_row($orderidinfo);
        $domain[$or] = $orderinfo[2];
        $cancel[$or] = $orderinfo[3];

        print "<tr><td><font size=2 face=Arial>$domain[$or]</font></td><td><font
size=2 face=Arial>Cancel This Domain?</font></td><td><font size=2
face=Arial><input type=text name=confirm value='$cancel[$or]'



The values I would normally insert into the MySQL from the form would be
$confirm - however, in this case, I have a number of rows with the same
name.  How do I distinguish one from another?  The [$or] doesn't work to do
it (didn't think it would).

Thanks for any help!


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