I'm moving a mySQL db from my own server over to an external hosting
company. there I don't have any root access of course... so I log in the

I made a 'db-dump' of my mySQL db (with Webmin), so I've got a textfile with
a large amount of SQL-statements inside. (CREATE TABLE and INSERT INTO's)

I tried the usual connection to the db, and then:

@mysql_db_query('dbname', $myQ, $lid);

where $myQ is a string of the whole textfile. I get this error:

1064You have an error in your SQL syntax near '; INSERT INTO ISshipping
VALUES (8,'966637132','EWW','Emery Worldwide','EWW93' at line 20

it seems as if the first sql-statement is ok, but the query command from php
can't handle multiple statements devided by the ';'...

How can I import the whole file?

tnx for any help!

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