Hi there,

I am struggling with a concept and can't seem to find a way to do it so
hoping you all can help.

We want to use PHP with MySql Db. 
For security reasons on the DB, it is to be accessed only through this front
end i.e. via the internal web 
Each user will have a number of levels of access to various parts of the
system, so the obvious design is one where there is only 1 real login to the
MySQL db (i.e. the system will auto log everyone in as this without them
knowing it), and then the user is validated against a table in my DB which
holds the access rights. I can get through the login OK, and get my table to
return "USERID" for this person. Now I need that "USERID" available to ALL
other pages so I can use it to determine what parts of screens to show, and
what to allow them to do.

My question is how do I make this variable available to all pages??  Do I
have to include it with the variables passed to each page or is there a
simpler way of doing it.  Can I put the variable in an include file and
include it in every page - will that work?.

Surely someone must have had a similar situation before and can tell me how
they solved it.

Many thanks


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