It looks like your quotes are out of whack.  All those slashes are a 
little redundant too.  Try

print("<A HREF=test.php?sid=$SID>Reload</A><BR>\n");

HTML does not mandate quotes around a parameter's value.

I'm only guesing that your reference to SID was supposed to be a 
variable and that your reference to test.php was not.  Also, given that 
the link is called 'Reload', you can probably replace test.php with 

Alvin Ang wrote:
> Hi there,
> I encountered INTERNAL SERVER ERROR and when i look at the error log, it
> shows "premature end of script header". I tried to look for answers in many
> forum but nothing seems to help. Please help.
> <?
> print("<A HREF=\"$test.php?".SID."\">Reload</A><BR>\n);
> ?>
> Thanks!
> Alvin

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