i think the query you are sending to mysql should be :
insert into pages (page) values ('index')
(without \)


> Hi,
>     I am trying to write a web based form that I can put arbitrary sql
> statements into and run them against my mysql db. the form is written using
> php btw.
> For read operations this seems to work fine, i.e. select, describe, show
> etc. However, when I try to do an insert to a table I get an sql syntax
> error and I really can't see the problem.
>     I am writting the query in a html textarea called query and then using
> this like so:
> $result=mysql_query($query,$link);
> I get this error in my browser when I run this:
> results of query:     insert into pages (page) values (\'index\')
> Error:You have an error in your SQL syntax near '\'index\')' at line 1
> And the query that produced this error is:
> insert into pages (page) values ('index')
> I've verified that this statement works using the commandline mysql
> interface.
> As the web server and db I'm trying to get this to work on are remote I'm
> not certain of the versions. I've tried using the insert into table_name set
> column_name=value form in case it was an older version of mysql , but this
> produces much the same error.
> Any suggestion greatly appreciated.
> ~:P
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