This is only part of the solution, but you should be aware that "==" is 
a comparison operator whereas "=" is the assignment operator.


Killer Angel Clark wrote:

>I add a checkbox in my page and will use the check result on another page.
>If it is checked, it has no problem. However, if it is not checked, it will
>have the checkbox unknown error.
>I read from an article that I can add a hidden field with the same name of
>the checkbox and put a value on this hidden field. It is OK on php. But it
>is not OK with the JavaScript.
>In the JavaScript, I check this:
>    if( == true){
> == false;
>    }
> == false;
>But it cannot find out whether the box is checked or not. And the last line
>cannot uncheck the box neither.
>How to change the code will make it OK in both php and JavaScript?

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