No, at 1000+ you shouldn't have problems, almost no matter what 
database/data you're using. You may start getting slowdowns at 100,000+ 
users if you have a lot of data and probably 500,000+ if you have the 
reasonable data usually required.

Anyway, using a different database for each user would get you there 
faster - you'd not only load the database system but the filesystem as 
well with requests to multiple directories.

Just my 2c.


Morten Nielsen wrote:

>I am about to make a homepage where people can sign up. It is then possible
>for the user to enter a lot of different data about them self. Is it normal
>to make a database for each user or should I make one big one?
>If I make a big one am I going to get problems if I has 1000+ users and
>everybody enters a lot of data?

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