Well, there are quite some differences difference between the results 
these two pieces of code yield. Let's see what your sql query would be 
for the first version, replacing $deposit in $query:

UPDATE wt_users set bank_points + $user_depositset points - $user_deposit WHERE 
                    ^1                         ^2  ^3

whereas we probably want

UPDATE wt_users set bank_points=bank_points + $user_deposit, points=points - 
$user_deposit WHERE uid={$session["uid"]}

I marked the three problems in your original code (you'll want to use a fixed 
character to see them properly):
1. set who to this value?
2. There must be a space there
2bis. set and set don't go well together - we want a comma instead
3. same as 1

OTOH, you may want to get rid of those brackets in $query=("...") - they 
really don't do anything...



Jennifer Downey wrote:

>Instead of helping with my other question maybe you can tell me why this
>wont work?
>Is it not valid ? Can you not use strings in a query  like this?
>$deposit="set bank_points + $user_deposit";
>$deposit .="set points - $user_deposit";
>$query = ("UPDATE wt_users $deposit WHERE uid={$session["uid"]}" );
>if set like this it will update the points in the bank_points but not the
>points table.
>$db["bank_points"]=("UPDATE wt_users set bank_points = bank_points +
>$user_deposit WHERE uid={$session["uid"]}" );
>Thanks in advance
>Jennifer Downey

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